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redecora B2B

The value of a brand is not only in the knowledge of its name, it is also in the recognition of its beliefs, competitive advantages, quality of products/services and in the positive experiences provided to the customer.

For this reason, nothing is more relevant than THE ONE who deals with the final consumer understands these values, knows all the processes and can transmit them safely and confidently, thus providing better customer service, generating more value for the brand, in addition to obtaining better advantages. commercials for your business.

REDECORA B2B, is aimed at companies dedicated to the custom furniture market.

The objective is to facilitate and standardize the processes between factories and distributors: stores, promoters, construction companies, interior design studios and architects.

With our personalized and detailed advice, each distributor will guarantee a minimum incidence and a maximum of excellence!


What does redecora B2B offer?

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vendor implementation

implementation of logistics centers

implementation of assembly equipment

commercial and technical training

software training

implementation of sales teams

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With extensive technical and commercial knowledge in the sector, REDECORA B2B absorbs the culture of the factory, transmits and advises each distributor in a personalized way.

With a fair investment, we train them in a short time so that they can run their kitchen businesses safely and autonomously.

The focus is on significantly minimizing the incidents and claims to everyone involved in each work, bringing greater efficiency and consequently greater profits with the project.

management in software:

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